2021 AI World Government Sponsors


The Deloitte AI Institute for Government is a hub of innovative perspectives, groundbreaking research, and immersive experiences focused on applied AI and related technologies for defense, health, civilian and state agencies. Our goal is to help government use AI ethically to deliver better services, improve operations and facilitate economic growth. CortexAI™ for Government is Deloitte’s signature AI solution source. It is a collection of mission solutions delivered through proven AI tools, enabling our clients to make more informed decisions, more quickly, by uniting the very best Deloitte resources with best-of-breed technology. We are solving problems, keeping explainable and ethical AI at the forefront and the human experience at the core of our mission.

SAS is a trusted analytics powerhouse for organizations seeking immediate value from their data. A deep bench of analytics solutions and broad industry knowledge keep our customers coming back and feeling confident. With SAS®, you can discover insights from your data and make sense of it all. Identify what’s working and fix what isn’t. Make more intelligent decisions. And drive relevant change.


VMware offers a breadth of digital solutions that powers apps, services, and experiences which enable organizations to deliver the best customer service and empower employees.


Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Technical Solutions’ provides national security solutions to government and commercial customers worldwide. Comprising more than 7,000 professionals, our national security services include unmanned systems, nuclear and environmental services, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, cyber and electronic warfare, live, virtual and constructive training solutions, and fleet sustainment and logistics.



Carahsoft is the trusted distributor for Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and High Performance Computing software, hardware, and services.

  • We partner with cutting edge companies that address every facet of AI, HPC, and Machine Learning challenges.
  • Our AI subject matter experts can identify the right technology for your unique environment
  • We connect government customers and systems integrators with technology manufacturers, delivery and reseller partners.
  • We provide training, news, educational material, events, and other resources to help organizations gather information and make decisions
  • Please visit our website at www.carahsoft.com/solve/machine-learning-artificial-intelligence

Cerebras Systems is dedicated to accelerating deep learning. The pioneering Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE-2), the largest chip ever built, is at the heart of our CS-2 deep learning system, the world's fastest AI accelerator. As a result, neural networks that previously took months to train can now train in minutes.


We've reinvented Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) with a complete, deep learning model that allows companies to get faster, more accurate transcription, resulting in more reliable data sets - on-prem or in the cloud. And we do it with lower hardware and usage costs so we're a hell of a lot more scalable than big tech players.


DKube™ is owned by One Convergence Inc. One Convergence™ provides infrastructure solutions to optimize the cloud native data center. Our company focuses on delivering simplified, secure, scalable software to drive enterprise customers and Cloud Service Providers.


Immuta is the universal cloud data access control platform, providing data teams one platform to automate data access control on any cloud service in order to increase data usage and sharing while also improving regulatory compliance.

Penguin Computing

Founded over twenty years ago, Penguin Computing specializes in custom, innovative, open solutions for AI, HPC, Data Center, and the Cloud. Penguin Computing’s broad range of vendor-agnostic compute, storage, and networking systems, coupled with professional and managed services allow Penguin Computing to provide complete, customized solutions to the biggest challenges facing its customers. Every day, Penguin Computing strives to expand the world's vision of what is possible!

The Software Engineering Institute (SEI)

The Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute (SEI)
The Carnegie Mellon University Software Engineering Institute is a research and development center that works with defense and government organizations, industry, and academia to advance the state-of-the art in software engineering and cybersecurity to benefit public interest. We are home to a National AI Engineering Initiative guiding the creation of a multi-year research and development roadmap and fostering the development of AI systems that are human-centered, scalable, robust, and secure.

International Data Corporation (IDC)

IDC is the most trusted IT research advisory firm in the market. IDC supports businesses globally in the Digital Transformation of their organizations. Our IT advisory services advise on the technologies underpinning digital transformation and on effectively leading and executing Digital Transformation initiatives across both IT and the line of business.


MeriTalk: The voice of tomorrow’s government today, MeriTalk is a public-private partnership focused on improving the outcomes of government IT. Our award-winning editorial team and world-class events and research staff produces unmatched news, analysis, and insight. The goal: more efficient, responsive, and citizen-centric government. MeriTalk connects with an audience of 151,000 Federal community contacts. For more information, visit www.MeriTalk.com or follow us on Twitter, @MeriTalk. MeriTalk is a 300Brand organization.


XPRIZE, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, is the global leader in designing and implementing innovative competition models to solve the world’s grandest challenges. Active competitions include the $100M XPRIZE Carbon Removal, $15M XPRIZE Feed the Next Billion, $10 Million XPRIZE Rainforest, $10 Million ANA Avatar XPRIZE and $5 Million XPRIZE Rapid Reskilling. For more information, visit xprize.org.

The Senior Executives Association (SEA)

For over 40 years the Senior Executives Association (SEA) has been the consistent voice for career leaders – whether in front of Congress, the Administration, or across the Executive Branch – advocating for good government solutions to the challenges facing leaders.



AIML Events

AI & Machine Learning Events offers a hand-picked, curated list of the best artificial intelligence and machine learning events, conferences, summits, exhibitions, workshops, and trainings.


COGNITIVE WORLD is a think tank, knowledge hub and growing ecosystem focused on optimizing AI transformation for today’s enterprises. Members include AI experts, pioneers, practitioners and authors, solution providers and enterprise buyers, and partners in research, media, events and more.

AIML Events

Industry Tech Insights wants to become the mouthpiece of key decision-makers who want to bring forth their ideas or advice their peers on carefully navigating these complex times. With technology enhancing itself each minute there is an increased pressure on organizations of all sizes to be able to adapt according to the changing environment and needs. There is a growing necessity to be flexible and reactive both at the same time, as making correct decisions in limited time is defining the operating characteristics of winning organizations. Industry Tech Insights is one such platform that is at the forefront of guiding organizations through the continuously changing technology landscape and providing a print platform featuring enterprise solutions to redefine the business goals for the days to come.

Media 7

Media 7 is a global digital media network of publications. We have built communities specialized around 16 industry verticals and business functions. Our audiences of decision makers and influencers number over 95 million across 120+ countries globally. Our 30+ brands have been inspiring, informing, and intriguing millions of audiences for years. Businesses use our brands to be seen and heard in their markets by prospective buyers and to engage them through highly targeted content, based on a deep understanding of these known audiences.