Monday, June 22, 2020 | 9:00 am – 12:20 pm 


Executive Summit: The Future of Data, AI, and Work

Co-Chairs: Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Software Research  
David A. Bray, PhD, At Atlantic Council, Incubating New Global Center & Senior Fellow, Institute for Human-Machine Cognition 

In the digital era, AI is at the center stage of business intelligence. Data is the core of the new digital economy and needs to be managed from edge to core to cloud and analyzed in near real time for insights. Due to the complexity and resources required for AI, model creation tends to be time intensive, expensive, experimental, and often "one-off" solutions. Most organizations haven't made it beyond the incremental benefits of a single business process to full production agency wide. At AI World Government 2020 agency and industry executives with experience confronting the challenges of operationalizing and scaling AI will discuss how they are dealing with roadblocks associated with both data and AI governance, lessons learned, strategies in play to move forward, and taking responsible and ethical action to affect outcomes associated with data governance the future of work. 

9:00 am Summit Kick Off

Scott Lundstrom, Group Vice President and General Manager, IDC Software Research

9:10 Three Perspectives on How Data Governance Regimes Challenge the Future of AI Globally

We face a very real short-term future where at least three different data governance regimes (Europe, China, and the United States) exist – probably more for other countries as well. This session  will focus on these challenges, as well as potential opportunities, with regards to the Future of Data and how we work with data.


  • David A. Bray, PhD, At Atlantic Council, Incubating New Global Center & Senior Fellow, Institute for Human-Machine Cognition
  • Joanne Lo, PhD, CEO, Elysian Labs, Inc.
  • Anthony Scriffignano, PhD, Senior Vice President & Chief Data Scientist, Dun & Bradstreet 

9:35 Talk Title to be Announced

IBM Executive

10:00 Executive Roundtable: How Data and AI are Changing How the Government Works

Data analytics and AI are changing how the government works – and even more changes are expected on the horizon. This roundtable will feature experts “on the ground” helping to making it happen in their respective organizations in support of better public service for us all.


  • Derry Goberdhansingh, CEO, Harper Paige
  • Wendy Martinez, PhD, Director, Mathematical Statistics Research Center, Office of Survey Methods Research, U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

10:35 Networking Break 

10:55 Executive Roundtable: Why the Future of Work is Being Shaped by Choices Tied to the Future of Data and AI

The Future of Work and the Future of Data are jointly intertwined – the choices we make regarding the use of data and AI in the workplace will impact us all. This roundtable will feature experts who are seeing the early precursors on how data and AI impact how, where, and what we work on together.


  • Rebecca Fair, CEO and Cofounder, Thresher
  • Caryl N. Brzymialkiewicz, PhD, Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General

11:30 Why Both Hackers and Makers Should Have a Voice in the Future of Data and AI  

For open societies, the public must have a voice in the future of data and AI. This talk will discuss trends in terms of how to engage the public to help share that future together.

11:55 Talk Title to be Announced


12:20 pm Close of Executive Summit, Enjoy Lunch on Your Own

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